Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Using Pentaho to Sync Tableau Server AD Groups

I have been using Pentaho Data Integration for a while at work to ETL data here and there, but have also been finding it useful for managing our Tableau Server. I wanted to share some of this work so here is the first one.

 I know that Tableau Server 9.1 can now automatically sync AD groups. If you are running an older version this might be useful. You could also use this as a starting point for some other purpose. Run it  on a schedule to keep your groups synced.

We had a script prior to this that we would add groups to. The issue was we have 28 sites on our server and only a small percentage of the total groups made it onto the script. This way everything stays in sync.

   Basically it:
  1.  Queries the internal Tableau Server DB and comes back with a list of all the AD groups in all the sites. 
  2. It then compares the results to a blacklist csv file and filters out any on the blacklist.
  3. It then runs a tabcmd sync group for each group. 
  4. Logs the results of the syncs to a database. 
Download thePentaho transform here. 

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