Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Comparing the logged in user to the average

This example came up in a forum at work:

How can I have a dashboard compare "me" (the logged in user) to the average of all users?

Before LOD calcs this was much harder and using row level security lets you limit to the logged in user. For this example I am:

  1.  using superstore data
  2.  a parameter called 'Who am I?' stands in for the username() function
  3. the 'Segment' dimension is standing in for the field with usernames in it
  4. We are going to compare my (ie. the 'Corporate' segment) to the average of all the segments. 
  5. Then a version where we exclude me from the average.

My Profit

Average for all Segments

This version excludes "me" from the average