Thursday, April 21, 2016

Where are you going to stay at #data16?

The Tableau Conference keeps getting bigger and bigger. Gone are the days when it fit in a single hotel. Now you have choices! To help decide which hotel to stay at (JW Mariott) I put together a viz containing location and and tripadvisor reviews. You can decide on the right combination of distance, cost, and ratings. Some of the hotels were booked up when I tried.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break Skiing

Over spring break my family went skiing in Colorado. When we got back I was looking at Moves and realized that it had been tracking my skiing. Fun with data below...

Recently I got a new iPhone. I have used some fitness tracking apps in the past, but my new phone (iPhone 6s) has a built-in pedometer and supports the app Moves. Since 2012 I have used OpenPaths but that is sporadic and only useful for general location.

Moves only recognizes walking, cycling and "transport" automatically. I had to reclassify some of the movements as 'downhill-skiing'. Since they were all in a tight geographic cluster it was pretty quick and easy using the app on the phone. The bummer is that it didn't differentiate riding the chairlift from skiing. Sometimes a movement was just a run or a chair, but most were multiple runs and chairs rides.

 Ski data is all about elevation, but there was no relevant data captured. I dumped the timestamp, lat, and long into a webpage that can calculate elevation and added that as a second dataset. Next time I might use one of the ski specific tracking apps if better ski tracking isn't added to Moves.

Next step was to get it into Tableau, but the folks at Interworks already created a WebDataConnector for it, so that was a breeze.