Friday, September 19, 2014

Gear Up: The Militarization of our Police under the 1033 Program

A few days ago I saw this cool viz on the Tableau Viz of the Day. I really liked it but the data is aggregated at the county level. You can't find out if your local police department has a grenade launcher or MRAP. Even scarier/funnier is that more info is coming out about Higher Ed and even some K-12 police departments that are getting military hardware.

I did some digging and some detailed information is available. Muck Rock has submitted FOI requests to all 50 states, but as September 4 they have only received data from 26. Some have yet to respond and others have said they aren't going to release the specific data. I did some cleanup and grouping of the dataset they put together and came up with this viz. I also used the Bing Maps API with GPS Visualizer to geocode the locations of the various entities that received shipments under the 1033 program. 

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